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Compassionate Inquiry is a modality that assists people to be curious around the events of their lives that show up as repeating patterns, confusion, even illness. Understanding and sitting with the overwhelming emotions held within the body lead to release and healing. Although this is neither a counselling, nor a psychotherapeutic session, it can be transformative, offering a form of inquiry that offers an effective tool for personal development and healing.

"Through Compassionate Inquiry, the client can recognize the unconscious dynamics that run their lives and how to liberate themselves from them."

I certified in February 2020 as a Compassionate Inquiry practitioner. The year of training in the Compassionate Inquiry approach, developed by Dr. Gabor Maté, initially enhanced communication with my clients during touch therapy aspect of my practice. The somatic nature of both practices complemented each other perfectly allowing a powerful expression verbally with a physical and energetic release in the body.

As lockdown came upon us all in March 2020 the online aspect of my training came into practice, meeting with existing and new clients via telephone and video conferencing. As the particular circumstances of 2020 have been calling everyone to slow down, move inward, reflect and connect to what we find there, I have found that many of my clients are diving even deeper into held trauma in the body, healing this and finding freedom.

This healing of trauma also happens for the collective: on a family, community, national and global level.
What's happening outside and around us is affecting every single one of us personally - and often subconsciously. We begin to be triggered by outward events and often feel powerless to respond. However bringing these overwhelming events home to our own personal experience allows for healing both personally and collectively. We can affect and be part of a healing process that seems overwhelming.

Living and growing up in Northern Ireland, I have an understanding that we have all been deeply affected by "the troubles", some of us explicitly, but all of us implicitly. To understand the effect of a whole society living with trauma is to begin to allow the healing of that society. To allow personal healing is to begin collective witnessing and healing. I believe that that is a powerful response that will effect personal and global change.