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Reflexology is a deeply relaxing yet powerful therapy carried out with a massage of the feet or hands. Chinese medicine advocates “the whole being found in the one”, and so the whole body and its systems can be accessed through the feet with plantar reflexology, through the hands in hand reflexology.

I believe that reflexology works, not only on the many nerves found in the hands and feet, but also on the Chinese system of the meridians which all begin or end in the hands and feet, as well as the facia which surrounds and connects all organs and areas of the body.

Balance of the body, mind and spirit is not a static end product but rather a flow of interdependent qualities. How well we move in this flow is dependent on the balancing and liberation of blockages that surface along the way. These blockages are not negative nor ever really “complete”, but rather a lifelong task of growth and transformation of which the therapy of reflexology can aid in finding balance.
As such my treatments can take many forms. I always follow the lead of the client, respecting their wish to be silent throughout the treatment or working with what comes up as it comes up during a treatment either verbally or energetically.