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My journey in healing and complementary therapy began in 2000 when I completed accredited Touch For Health training in Kinesiology in Champigny sur Marne in France. Shortly afterwards I was inspired to study reflexology, having personally experienced the benefits of treatment.

I trained with Josephine Gallagher in her New Beginnings School of Reflexology in County Tyrone, Ireland.

In addition to Reflexology, I am currently studying with Gabor Maté on his first online Compassionate Inquiry programme for professionals.

This is a powerful "psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté that reveals what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world".

A year long professional course, with certification from Gabor Maté, is powerful in its impact on a professional and personal level. It is equipping and enhancing excellent therapeutic skills based on a very ancient practice of compassion.
Gabor Maté is a world renowned author and physician for his work on trauma, addiction, AD(H)D, parenting and trauma.

At present I offer Compassionate Inquiry as an optional part of the treatment. I find that the relaxing treatment of reflexology often leads to deeper need for the client's story to be heard and the cause of their suffering to be met with curiosity. Always with the client's consent, at every step of their process, I provide a safe presence and holding for the client to look within. As Gabor states:
"Through Compassionate Inquiry, the client can recognize the unconscious dynamics that run their lives and how to liberate themselves from them."

It is based on an ancient wisdom and a modern psychodynamic approach to psychotherapy. I have experienced compassionate inquiry on many retreats with Miranda McPherson and with many Tibetan teachers.

My personal and professional development have been immeasurably deepened by two particular spiritual development experiences:

My family has had many years association with the Dzogchen Beara Spiritual Care Centre in West Cork. In 2014, my husband, my children and I moved to West Cork to work at the centre, which as well as being a Buddhist inspired teaching retreat centre is also a Spiritual Care centre for those with life limiting illness. I benefited from working with visitors and gaining practical training on bereavement care and end of life counselling and care. I continue to work on these retreats facilitating event management and care.
I have also been attending retreats and teachings from lamas from across the globe for personal spiritual development.

I have benefited greatly in attending annual training and retreats with the spiritual teacher Miranda Macpherson whose work has helped me on my personal spiritual path and given me deep insights into the spiritual origins of disease and inspirations on helping my clients heal on a somatic level. I feel deeply privileged to work with people on their healing journey and grateful to the teachers and experiences that have led me to this work.